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Our range
of Tax Services

Business Tax

Working hand in hand with our accounting department, our tax team are proactive in their approach to helping businesses plan efficiently and effectively. We like to see ourselves working alongside our clients, rather than for our clients, and take time to understand each and every business we deal with.


With our broad range of knowledge, we can help all types of business to plan and structure themselves efficiently and commercially.

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Business Tax
Personal Tax
Tax return

Personal Tax

At LTG we help clients complete their personal tax returns each year and ensure they pay the lowest amount of tax they legally have too.  Within our team, we have experts dedicated solely to Personal Taxation and all the complexities that surround it. Whether you are looking for basic tax advice and assistance on compliance, or are looking at more complex issues, our team will find solutions for you.


We work with you to understand your tax liabilities and take a pragmatic approach to our planning, ensuring that you are able to achieve your goals and aspirations as simply and effectively as possible.

Property Tax

Property Tax

Having specialists that deal in the property sector, we are able to offer solutions to suit all types of property planning. Whether you are a property developer or an individual looking for advice to grow your portfolio, we can advise on the areas that will affect you.

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Start Ups
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Start Ups to Succession

Whether you are looking to raise funding for a new venture under EIS or SEIS, looking to attract or retain key staff using EMI or Share Options Scheme, or are looking at exiting your business and passing it on to your successors through share sales or company purchase of own shares, our team can provide you with answers to all the queries and pitfalls that may arise.

Tax Investigations

Tax Investigations

Without a proper understanding of tax law and your rights, dealing with HMRC can be stressful and financially detrimental to both businesses and individuals.


Having dealt with all types of HMRC enquires and successfully taken on HMRC in the First Tier Tax Tribunal, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your affairs are treated correctly and justly.

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Inheritance Tax
Real estate

Inheritance Tax


Many people prefer not to think about taxes that are due on their death, but getting expert advice early on could save you and your family a considerable sum of money.

Inheritance tax (IHT) and estate planning are complex and often emotive subjects that go well  beyond just taxation.

We have built our business on the principles of delivering high standards of excellence and innovative services to our clients, in a personal way. We recognise that as our clients’ needs evolve, we should be ready to deliver services that meet their requirements.

To help and assist you with this, we offer a free consultation to enable us to:

  • Understand your objectives as part of your overall financial plan.

  • Help you gain a better understanding of the various allowances and how to use them effectively.

  • Identify the extent of your IHT liability.

  • Make recommendations to help mitigate your exposure to IHT.

  • Continually develop your estate planning strategy, ensuring your plans remain appropriate to your changing needs.


We consider a number of solutions, including will planning and power of attorney, lifetime gifting, life cover, the appropriate use of trusts and lump sum arrangements – the plan which is right for you may include many, or none of these, but it is important for us to understand your goals and aspirations, so that these are met.


If you are interested in a review of your overall estate and IHT position, please contact one of the team to arrange a meeting to discuss your affairs.

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